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How Floating can assist in weight loss

Apart from having several psychological and physiological benefits, the float tank can also be used as a platform to assist an individual through their weight loss journey.

The Flotation tank/Sensory Deprivation Therapy is not scientifically proven to induce weight loss but it is proven that it cultivates certain qualities in an individual which are not only crucial for weight loss, but also in life. As all types of habitual or addictive behaviors operate by similar neurochemical and behavioral patterns, the techniques discussed in this article here for losing weight are also applicable to all self-destructive and harmful behavioral patterns.

Body Awareness

The first step towards changing behaviour is simply to go for a Float. No matter what happens, the Float is capable of deeply relaxing you. Relaxation is in itself, extremely beneficial, relaxing helps by reestablishing psychological balance and optimal physiological functioning of the body. Relaxation not only relieves the stress that causes the harmful behaviour but also increases self-awareness(  an individuals ability to recognize negative and positive patterns governing the body unit)

Once you become relaxed, focus on the body,become aware of the effects your overeating has had on it. Ask yourself, “Am I tired?”


“Do I have sore feet?”

Just consider how carrying around a few extra kilograms uses energy,puts stress on every part of the body.

The more intense your physical awareness is,the more powerful and long lasting will be your motivation to do something about it.

Emotional Awareness

At a point, your attention will turn inward, the sharply focused awareness will shift from your physical state to your emotional and mental state. Some self reflective questions you can ask yourself during the therapy are noted below:

“How do I feel?”

“What have I been feeling lately?”

“How am I feeling related to this problem?”

“Does the fact that I am overweight make me feel sad in certain situations? angry?guilty?”

For the time being, do not try to change anything. Just become intensely aware how your behavioral patterns are linked with your mental patterns.

 The clearer you understand this link, the longer it will remain with you after you emerge from the tank and the more likely you will be to try and rectify the situation.


Understanding that you are now ready to solve your specific problem,start to examine it, analyze it,and search for its causes and its effects.

Some self reflective questions you can ask yourself which will aid in the self-analysis process are as follows:

When did you first start having this problem?

What were the specific events in your life that contributed to it?

Could it be genetic factors?personal,family history?your current situation?

Perhaps the most effective way to use the Float Therapy for self-analysis is to :

1) Focus on the particular problem.

  • Relax and let go
  • And allow your mind to find its own way.

As you relax and surrender even further, you eventually enter theta brain wave state. During this phase of the experience, long lost knowledge from your early days and childhood experiences which might have crucial significance to the current situation will start to surface up from your subconscious mind. Memories and instances which were forgotten will turn up and will help you understand the root cause and the potential origin of the issue.

Discovering Trigger Mechanisms

Habitual and addictive patterns are set off and perpetuated by certain environmental stimuli,conflicts,or life pressures.

 These trigger patterns are always predictable and repetitive, and if we can just become aware of them,this,being aware of the triggers is in itself,half the battle. Now, whenever a trigger arises,instead of going along with it unconsciously, we are given a chance to do things differently.

Setting Goals

Once you have started to develop your awareness of the causes and triggers that propels your problem, you can now begin to make plans to do something about the problem.

If you are overweight, how much weight do you want to lose?

Do you want to become thin or just lose ten kilograms?

The more specifically you can define your goal, the more likely you are to attain it.

Making Plans

You now know that you want to lose weight,and you also have a pretty good idea why; the next question is: How?

The floater has already examined their trigger mechanisms. Now watch how you work in specific environments such as:

  • While talking on the phone.
  • While watching TV
  • While at a party

There are also emotional factors like: Loneliness,anger,depression,anxiety.

Mental factors which contribute: Self defeating thoughts,mental excuses for indulging and justification for the behaviour.

Now that the individual is aware of the circumstances and the specific scenarios that result in the activity, the person can stop themselves and stay away from these scenarios in their life.

This kind of self exploration is a very important process but also a never ending journey. And as soon as possible,perhaps even in your first float- you will want to go beyond self-exploration and into self-transformation.

Changing Yourself

Now changing yourself is of course, the heart of the matter. Numerous studies have been published showing us how Float tanks are the best tools yet devised for bringing about this transformation in attitude and action.

 The study also shows us something very intriguing, people who are usually unreceptive to techniques like self-hypnosis become very susceptible to suggestion while in the tank.

Suggestions given to someone in the deeply relaxed state of floating are accepted by the subconscious mind and retain their power for weeks,months,even years.

After you have reached a state of deep relaxation, offer yourself positive,forceful suggestions and affirmations.


With the mind cleared up and relaxed, the more clearly you can see an action or situation in your mind’s eye the more strongly it will tend to become real. As you float,and while you add in the suggestions, visualize yourself acting as you want to act. If you are trying to lose weight,hold an image of yourself as you would like to be: slender,with skin toned and smooth,waist narrow,glowing with vitality.

Imagine yourself in situations which will usually trigger your habitual behaviour and visualize yourself resisting them.

If weight loss is something you’ve been struggling with for a while and if you are finding it hard to start eating healthy or finding it hard to stick to a workout schedule, do make it a point to have regular Float sessions.

 Doing so will not only keep your body in optimal functioning but will also keep your mind focused on the goal which is to be achieved.

Do visit us here at our 1000 Petals center in Bangalore and get yourself a Float Therapy and take the first step in this journey towards self exploration and self transformation.

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