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  How Floatation therapy can help Entrepreneurs and Business owners.

Managing and running a business enterprise is no small task. It requires focus, patience, perseverance and the immense ability to juggle and manage several variables such as profit,employees ,workers, salaries ,wages and inventory.

The majority of business owners don’t realize how much they are being burnt out by their busy and hectic lifestyle. From making difficult and hard decisions to sudden business improvisations, an entrepreneur is always on their toes. 

 It is no surprise why the subculture of Bio-hacking is becoming more and more prominent nowadays among business owners. Simply put, Biohacking your body means changing your internal chemistry and physiology through science and self experimentation. The purpose of Bio hacking and why it is so sought after by entrepreneurs is because it increases energy and vitality: Two primary factors all successful business owners seem to have.

Entrepreneurs cannot seem to take their business lightly or as “play” because, most of the time, the business is like their own child. Having it nurtured from something small,perhaps something which had humble beginnings in someone’s garage and eventually transformed into a million dollar company, the owner of the business considers the establishment as a living and growing entity.

Spending so much energy,time and life force on the organization, the business owner soon forgets why he/she started the business in the first place.

 A business which could have started for the sole purpose of allowing the owner to go on exotic vacations and owning a fancy car is now a huge burden which keeps one tied down with work and buried under meetings after meetings.

It is important for all business owners to understand and realize this: if you don’t keep aside some time for self-care,rejuvenation- relaxation of body and mind, then, the possibility of being burnt out and crazed by the sheer workload we put onto ourselves is no longer an impossibility.

Sensory deprivation therapy or commonly known as Float therapy is becoming more and more popular nowadays among the busiest of us,who simply cannot find the time for themselves; away from people,away from their phones and meetings and all the things that seem so very important in life.

 The unique experience of the Sensory deprivation tank allows the person floating to disconnect fully from the external world of responsibilities and stress and reconnect with inner peace and the wisdom that

 “ All is well”.

The idea of taking a few hours off per week from the busy work schedule to indulge in sensory deprivation might sound very scary to the entrepreneur who cannot seem to have time for most things but it is something which can be of utmost important not only for the body mechanism but also for the faculties of the mind (Such as creativity, calm composure, focus,intuition,decision making abilities)

While in the Float Tank, the central nervous system and the brain of the person is given an opportunity to go on vacation. Not having to process any external information from the outside world, the brain goes into a state of deep relaxation.

 This is when and where the magic happens. The brain starts to produce Theta waves, which is only produced when a person is falling asleep, in deep sleep or in profound states of meditative absorption.

Theta wave states have lot of several benefits for an individual, like:

  • boosting the overall positive mood and well-being of the person.
  • Coming to terms with the past,and getting useful insights about the present scenarios relationships.
  • boosting creativity
  • Problem solving capabilities are enhanced.
  • More calm, and decisive. Ability to make good and right decisions also increases.
  • Helps in reducing anxiety and depression by completely relaxing the mind and the processes of the brain.
  •  Helps in discovering/rediscovering inspiration.
  • Theta waves promote body recovery.

 Things like jet lag,muscle soreness and fatigue are drastically brought down after a float session.

  • Helps in treating sleep related issues like poor quality of sleep and insomnia. In fact, one hour of sleep in the sensory deprivation tank is scientifically proven to be 6-7 hours of normal sleep. The reason being, while asleep in our own bed, the brain is still processing data from the outside world like the whirling sound of the fan or the air conditioner, the touch of our skin against our clothes and against the bed.

 While in The Tank, the brain doesn’t have to constantly take in this white noise information either, and goes into deeper and deeper states of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Constantly running behind the workings of the business, the entrepreneur forgets that their life is slipping by without them even noticing it.

 Apart from faithfully delivering all the above mentioned benefits, the float also desensitizes and destimulates the body.

It is said that a blind person can hear better and a deaf person can see better. This is because,as a sense organ is not functioning, the other sense organs become more heightened and sharpened.

 Now, imagine if all your sensory inputs are brought down. As in the case while within the sensory deprivation tank. And once your Float session is over, and once you are out again, the world with its colours,its sounds, its smells and touch will be more prominent and amplified.

One will not only start to recognize psychological patterns of limiting self talk but also start to notice the beauty and the splendour of the world which has been swept under the carpet of our busy days.

If you are an entrepreneur reading this you probably deserve to be on vacation right now. But of course, that’s not possible.

 But,what if I told you it is possible to experience the benefits of a vacation in a matter of just 60 minutes?

 What if I told you, you can have your entire body,mind,central nervous system and soul relax; eventually,entering deep states of meditation effortlessly.

 Sensory deprivation tank therapy is all about that.

Allowing and providing the person who is caught up in the vicious cycle of work and more work the chance to actually recuperate and come to a place of balance and optimal functioning.

Here at 1000 Petals, we have hosted several entrepreneurs over the years and it is safe to say that doing float therapy regularly (at least once a week or twice a month) has had significant positive impact on their life,relationships and business.

If you are a business owner who cant find the time and place to just LET GO of worldly concerns and just BE in the bliss of not having to do anything ,then, do visit us at our center in Bangalore, Indiranagar.

Apart from providing several holistic therapies like the Float therapy, The Lucia meditation lamp,Sound Healing and Bio Well:Chakra Analysis; we are also proudly located in one of the greener parts of Bangalore. Located in a quiet spot behind a foliage of trees and plants, sits our center. Located in the heart of the city but far far away from all the chaos.

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