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How Float tanks help with arthritis

Arthritis or joint inflammation, is a condition that is brought about by the wear and tear of the cartilage present between the bones. 

Over time, and many years of movement, the cartilage which acts as a cushion between two separate bones and which allows their movement,begins to diminish due to friction.Eventually, leaving the two bones rubbing against each other which results in severe pain,decreased range of motion and an overall reduction in the quality of life.

More that 10 million people around the globe suffer from this condition, and there is no cure for it. Only, methods and procedures which can be performed to ease the pain and slow down the process such as; Physiotherapy(to strengthen the muscles around the joints) and,

Medication to relieve the inflammation and pain a little.

Flotation therapy is now slowly being accepted by the medical community as a genuine procedure for relieving joint inflammation and also as an effective alternative to medication by many arthritic individuals.

Apart from the several psychological and mental benefits such as: better sleep, decrease in stress levels and an increased overall positive mood, the float therapy also drastically reduces the torturous joint pain experienced by the arthritic individual.

  Just one hour in The Isolation Tank offers the suffering individual instant and long lasting relief. 

An hour within the float tank is enough for the body and mind to shut down from stress, instead focusing energy reserves on regeneration – blood pressure is lowered, blood flow is increased and muscle tension is reduced.

Eventually, one starts to enter such deep states of relaxation that the brain starts to produce Theta waves. When this brain wave is generated, the body activates its healing processes that usually only occur during sleep.

The process usually achieves a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, muscle soreness, and is an all-natural remedy,without a single negative side effect—simply allowing your body to work on self-healing without worldly distractions.

While floating on the water, all the joints and muscles in the human body relax and decompress from their usual tight and tense positions. The vertebral column,the neck,shoulder, arms, knees and feet starts to release tension from between the muscle fibers and joints. This is because, for the first time, the human body is not under the influence of gravity which is pulling the entire skeletal and muscle structure constantly towards the ground.  

No light,no sound,no smell, no touch and now no gravity even…the ENTIRE Biological system hence goes into a deep state of rest and recovery. The pain from the inflamed joints will slowly start to dissolve away along with all sensations on your physical body.

The Epsom salts(Magnesium Sulfate)  present in the water is excellent for regulating cellular functioning and the efficiency of the cells.The best way magnesium sulphate can be absorbed into the body is through the skin(the Float tanks at our center have up to 800 kgs of this salt per tank) 

Magnesium is often deficient in modern diets, yet it is essential for joint repair and is a natural anti-inflammatory.A balanced amount, reduces the pain associated with arthritis and also helps with joint pain relief. 

Other benefits that contribute to the floats ability to offer pain relief to arthritis sufferers include: increased secretion of endorphins, faster flushing of lactic acid, and overall reduction in stress.

Any physical pain is always amplified by the mental narration we have associated with the pain. Majority of the people don’t realize that, most of the frustration is due to the obsessive thinking about the pain and how it is negatively impacting one’s life rather than the pain itself.

 Deep acceptance and surrender is something a person who is suffering from arthritis can practice. 

While in the float tank, along with the obvious physiological benefits, the individual also gains knowledge and powerful insights into their own psychology and how negative self-talk regarding arthritis is not really helping his/her situation but just pushing them deeper into despair.

One of the things we love to see here at 1000 Petals is that, floating generally offers an individual what they need the most at that particular time. Perceived benefits will be most profound in those most affected.

 Regular float sessions coupled with gentle physiotherapy and other easy exercises like Asana practices can be complemented with the float therapy for maximum benefits. 
If joint pain is something that has been haunting you for the longest time,then wait no longer for relief. Visit our 1000 Petals center and try the sensory deprivation tank to discover that physical pain and mental pain go hand in hand and that you don’t have to be controlled by them.

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