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What is the Pineal gland and how to activate it

Shaped like a tiny pine cone and sitting quite auspiciously between both the hemispheres of the brain is the Pineal gland. A very mysterious gland indeed,we know It is part of our endocrine system and secretes the hormone melatonin. The main job of your pineal gland according to science, is to receive information about the state of the light-dark cycle of the environment and regulate the production of melatonin- a hormone, which is responsible for us to fall asleep when it is night and wake up when it is day.

But throughout human history and throughout different ancient cultures and traditions, the Pineal gland or The Third Eye, has always been highly regarded and revered.

Shiva and other Hindu deities are often depicted with a literal third eye on their forehead. This eye represents awakening, enlightenment and the ability to see into higher realms of existence and consciousness. 

The ancient Egyptian civilization is well-known for many innovations that led to the development of modern systems and utilities that are used daily in the present world.

The Third Eye is The Eye of Horus in The Egyptian culture.The Eye of Horus, represents Wisdom,knowledge and insight. The Egyptians having had studied the human body and its anatomy for centuries, had a special place of interest and affiliation towards this tiny gland found hidden in the brain. Gods, Deities and royals were seen to have the Symbol of Horus crowned on their head. They believed that the Eye of God is hidden within the mind of man.

The Pineal gland is a very primitive part of our brain. A part of the brain, which has not changed at all. A reminiscence from the times when we roamed the Earth as reptiles. 

This gland, even though it is embedded deep within the brain,is still found to be made up of  retinal tissue. The same tissue which allows our eyes to see today. This is fascinating because, The Third Eye or the Pineal gland was the apparatus our reptilian ancestors once used to see the world. But now, as we have evolved and our brains have evolved to a much larger extent,this gland lies almost dormant under layers of cerebral tissue.

The Third Eye is of high importance in all the major world religions,especially their mystical side. When Prophets and mystics are seen to have the Vision of God or The Beatific Vision, it is their Third Eye which is opening up.

 When a Yogi sits inside a cave and practices meditation for years or when a prophet goes away into the desert, almost starving himself to death, something fascinating happens- 

This gland, which has been dormant for centuries restarts and they are immediately rewarded with the most beautiful visions,wisdom and knowledge into the nature of existence and attains enLIGHTenment .

While doing the Lucia Light Therapy, the light particles emitted from the meditation lamp goes through your closed eyelids, through your retinal tissue and strikes the Pineal gland. Crystals of DMT,  (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) which have crystallized and formed a layer of tiny crystals around the pineal gland start to get released into the blood-tissue barrier.

Now DMT is the most powerful psychedelic substance ever known to man, and it is found naturally occurring in the human body(Originally produced in the gut and transferred and deposited on the pineal gland).

 A Yogi or mystic is said to have a Kundalini awakening when, they
raise their primordial energy from the base of their spine and up the spinal column, and to the center of the brain,at the pineal gland. This massive input of energy into the Pineal gland releases large amounts of DMT into the brain. The result being, seeing The vision of God and the euphoric feeling of oneness with the whole cosmos. This is an experience so profound in nature, that it can never be put into words and communicated.

The Lucia Meditation Lamp at 1000 Petals, allows people to experience states of consciousness which mystics have been talking about since time immemorial. 

Utterly exotic landscapes, a myriad of the most vivid colors and patterns start to unfold themselves to the light attendee. 

These experiences with the Lucia Light Lamp are very spiritual and healing in nature. Apart from being thoroughly otherworldly and amazing, people are also seen to release a lot of heavy trauma which has been holding them down for years. The Therapy quite literally shines Light upon your Shadow Self and your deep unconscious, revealing and uncovering negative self destructive patterns.

Here at 1000 Petals, we are now conducting special light sessions which are done along with breathing techniques. Breath work integrated with the light therapy is seen to take the light attendee much deeper into the experience and bring them out way more energized and filled with vital pranic energy.

A powerful therapy indeed, interesting times for sure; Using science to induce states of mystical consciousness for the purpose of healing the individual and the collective trauma and for raising the consciousness of the human race.

If you feel a calling to try out The Light therapy, do visit us at 1000 Petals in Bangalore where our experienced facilitators, who have been working with this wonderful technology for many years will gladly guide you through these truly life changing experiences.

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