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How Floatation Therapy helps with brain optimization

The sounds of horns, engines and the roaring traffic bombard the ears and minds of the city dweller.

 There seems to be not even a single moment of silence in this concrete jungle.

 Constantly plugged into the world wide web, the modern person is bombarded with notification after notification from their mobile devices. There is more information available to a single individual today than any other time in history.

While inside the Sensory Deprivation Tank, the human brain is able to de-stress and harmonize its functioning. The brain,this super computer which has been running from the time we were born is now allowed to take some time off to relax and recuperate.

No longer molested by the external world of noises, the brain enters a very deep state of tranquility and zen.

As the human brain takes a vacation by disconnecting itself from sensory inputs(Sight,Sound,Taste,Touch and even gravity), something fascinating starts to happen.

The brain which is so used to processing all the data flowing in from the outside world(approximately 11 million bits of information per second) now doesn’t know what to do. 

Not being able to see,hear,smell,taste or touch anything, the Tank environment convinces the brain that you are asleep while you are very much awake. 

  This state of relaxation, where in the brain is convinced you are asleep,  comes with a multitude of benefits.

  •  Relationship with Gravity: We don’t realize it, but our central nervous system(CNS) uses 90% of its entire energy just to maintain and regulate our relation with gravity. Every step we take, and every step we climb is taking quite a large chunk out of our total brain energy. 

  While in the tank, the brain doesn’t have to maintain the bodys balance. Since the factor of gravity has been removed in this environment,the brain has a sufficient amount of freed up energy which can be used in regulating,and rejuvenating other brain functions and processes. 

  • Treating sleep disorders: Even while sleeping on a bed, the human brain cannot completely let go and relax because it is still processing information from the outside world. An hour of sleep within the tank is equivalent to 6-8 hours of normal sleep. This is because, the brain can completely relax and efficiently do all its needed rejuvenation without having to process any external inputs.

Many people today have sleep related issues. People cant fall asleep fast and even if they do, they have a very disturbed and light sleep. It is a sign of the times. The light emitted from our screens has a severely negative impact on our circadian rhythm. While within the tank environment, the brain goes into a reset mode where in it recovers from this neurological damage.

After a few sensory deprivation experiences complete, people from all around the world have noted a significantly positive change in their sleep pattern and sleep quality.  

  • Combating stress: While inside the Tank, the heart rate decrease and this reduces the overall blood pressure.When the blood pressure is reduced, the main hormone which is related to stress,cortisol also reduces. In today’s world, all the people especially us, living in urban areas and metropolitan cities have very high levels of cortisol in our blood stream. Cortisol is not a bad hormone,but such high quantities of it in our body will result in terrible consequences like: high glucose content in the blood stream, more chance of having anxiety attacks and waves of depression.

 Regular visits to the sensory deprivation tank is known to slowly but surely regulate the cortisol production by calming down the whole central nervous system and giving the brain time to generate new and less self destructive pathways of coping with stress.

  • The wonder of Theta brain waves:  Theta waves are an abnormal brain wave in adults but is a normal brain wave in children up to the age of thirteen(day dreaming and fantasizing) . Theta is usually experienced right before one falls asleep. This brain wave is also produced while in meditation. 

   While inside this environment, the brain starts to generate significant amounts of theta. Theta brain states comes with several benefits such as 

>Increased and prolonged experience of positive moods and overall well being. 

 >One is able to process, and understand ones memories and come to terms with their past experiences in a more wholesome manner.Being able to tackle the challenges of today scenarios by deeply understanding and integrating the past experiences.

 After consciously being in the theta state,over a period of time, the floater is able to bring the benefits of that state into everyday waking life. Being able to maintain a certain degree of calm during challenging situations, and finding themselves responding rather than reacting to triggers are a few major changes seen in the individual.

  •   Increased creativity: Children are seen to be more creative and imaginative because they are always in a dreamy state of consciousness ( high theta activity ) regular float sessions will result in higher levels of creativity. This is because, most of our educational systems and society solely just focuses on the development of the left hemisphere of the brain ,which is related to logic,facts and systematic arrangement of factors. The float tank, develops the lesser used hemisphere of the brain, the right hemisphere.The right hemisphere is responsible for more non vocal forms of mental activity like vivid imagery,creativity, intuition and those a-ha moments. Activities like meditation,yoga,zen, consciousness altering drugs,chanting visualization are some other activities which improve the functioning of the right hemisphere. Both the hemispheres once balanced,will lead to a more fulfilling and actualized life. 
  • Becoming your own Counsellor: Once the external world of matter disappears, all that remains is your inner world of psychological stuff. In this black void of nothingness, all the thoughts and worries of your mind float around freely. All the problems you have been repressing and suppressing, comes to the surface. Many people start to freak out when this happens. But this is a beautiful opportunity for one to face their deep rooted subconscious patterns. 

It is also noted that within the Tank, people are generally more honest with themselves.This is most likely because there is no one else to truly judge them and they are completely and absolutely by themselves. A perfect environment for self analysis,contemplation and self development is created. 

The Sensory Deprivation Tank is a device which is known to upgrade our brains efficiency levels. From exploring the infinite nature and abilities of our own mind to giving the brain an opportunity to finally get its well deserved break, the sensory deprivation tank or Restricted External Stimuli Therapy (REST) is now gaining a lot of attention from most major scientific communities,neuroscience and a lot of anxious individuals looking forward to a calmer mind.

The experience surely has an aura of profundity around it. Being a very spiritual and therapeutic experience and at the same time being thoroughly soothing to the body-mind.

Enabling modern people to raise their level of consciousness using these truly wonderful scientific methods like the sensory deprivation tank and the Lucia meditation Lamp is our main objective here at 1000 Petals

If this unique therapy is something you have been wanting to try out, not just for soothing an aching body,but to sooth an aching mind, then do visit your nearest 1000 Petals center. 

Enabling modern people to raise their level of consciousness using these truly wonderful scientific methods like the sensory deprivation tank and the Lucia meditation Lamp is our main objective for the human race .

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