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Accelerate your meditation goal : NASA’s Scientific tool for meditation

There used to be a time, when the outside noise was not hurting us too much… We were connected to nature, had more time for self reflection, were following most Angas (8 Limbs of Patanjali Ashtanga), the state of samadhi was within our reach. 

The times changed…

We have become more and more bombarded with information.. we became busy in the mind, our connection with the true nature of reality diminished… more and more Illusions (maya) bridled us. simple techniques of Yantra, Tantra, Mantra disappeared. We became insensitive to our own feelings, emotions…  

We simply disconnected with the state of  ‘Pure consciousness’ 

Then came science and technology… And with science came brilliant minded neuro scientists like Dr. John C. Lilly. In 1950’s while working with NASA , He developed a technology called ‘ Sensory deprivation tanks ‘ to test the Astronauts’ response to long space flights and lack of sensory stimuli in space travel. 

What is a Sensory deprivation tank?

In 1954 he invented the world’s first floatation tank, an enclosed saline bath designed for intensive study of human consciousness when deprived of as much external stimulus as possible. This study was further extended in the physiology as the researchers kept exploring this unique soundless lightless space and its effects on human body and the mind itself.

Over the years there are 4000 + peer studies and researches showing us amazing benefits of floatation technique itself. Also called as R.E.S.T. (Reduced environmental stimulation technique) the effects of the floatation tanks show us amazing results on human consciousness and physiology.

Floatation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks are a water based environment where you lie down in 10 to 12 inches of water in a pod or a room. The water body that is nearly 2000 Litres, is added with 750 to 800 KG of Epsom Salt / Magnesium Sulfate, makes you float ‘effortlessly’ in zero gravity. The light switch inside the float tank can be switched off ‘at your comfort’ allows to you darken the room fully and the water is heated and maintained to your body’s average temperature.

Your brain now gets the the chance to disconnect from the constant bombardment of sensory input and enhance your ability to be cognitive, mindful and introspective. The Biotec grade concentrated Epsom salt solution contains essential Magnesium sulphate minerals that leave you feeling deeply relaxed and vibrant as the tension in your body melts away and your body releases amazing energy. There is simply no other technology or environment that can stimulate these evolutionary effects. Your spine decompresses by about a 2 Centimeters in zero gravity releasing all the tensions we hold in our spine. The epsom salt relaxes central nervous system fully, Making us relax our body fully.

The sensory reduction technique frees our brain from clogged, unnecessary random memories and data. Making us free from unwanted thought structures like stress and anxiety. With Deeper theta state activation, your body finds a way to reaching a state of homeostasis, a state in which your bodily systems are able to reset and to calibrate to it’s optimum functioning. A deep meditative environment first makes you self aware of the state you are in. Answers about how to correct this state lie deep inside of you. As you float more and more regularly, you find these answers for yourself, and you can correct the self and become your own guru by achieving the Let go and finally letting go the idea of letting go.

Optimal body position for relaxation

To dive deep into meditation, one’s body need to be fully relaxed. When your body is not comfortable, those feelings will interfere with the practice.  

Normally, a meditator will need some months or even years of practicing just to be comfortable with the sitting position. The pain and unease often force people out of meditation after just 30 minutes or less. They are unnecessary obstacles for your mind, making it hard to achieve true meditative state or stillness of the mind.

Inside the float tank, you float on the water surface. It feels like there’s nothing underneath you. This unique position help your body to fully relax but keep your mind awake. Your head is on the water, there is a small flicker of awareness that let you know you are on the water, so you cannot fall into unconscious sleep.

The warm and embracing environment of the float will give you a sense of security & familiarity after just 2 session. It greatly shorten the time required to get familiarized with the meditative state.

Perfectly still environment, even more quiet than meditation school, monastaries, etc.

Because of the unique design, there is no light or sound inside the tank. There’s nobody to disturb you, no wind breezing, no bird chirping, no external sight that distract, no sweat dripping, no mosquitoes or small insect that crawl on your body.

Inside the tank, you are truly isolated from all external stimulations.

The water is the best medium to reflect the relationship between body & mind.

The body, especially the act of breathing, has a deep connection with your mind. When your mind is filled with anger, your breath becomes heavier. When you are relaxed & calm, your breath becomes light, slow, gentle.

Floating on the water surface, every breath you take will move your body, up and down. Inside the tank, you can feel these delicate movements very easily. From that you can see the connection between your body and your mind. Every time your mind wanders, your body will respond appropriately

No sense of time

Sense of time is one of the greatest barrier for a meditator. The act of staying still, doing nothing for an extended period of time is something our mind not used to. We get bored, we feel it’s been a long time when in fact it’s just 10 or 15 minutes.

The sense of time comes from our awareness of the change in our body and external environment. Inside the float tanks, the amount of information come into our mind is vastly limited so we can’t sense time anymore. That’s why its so easy to overcome the boredom when one start practicing meditation.

Meticulous preparation gives rise to Determination

One quality a meditator must practice is patience & determination. With patience we can overcome the urge to stand up, do something else and distract ourself from the meditation practice.

As float tank is a complicated equipment and sensory deprivation is a very special therapy, you need to be well prepared for a float, no food, no caffeine, no alcohol, be on time, be clean. You also have to pay for the float so you’ll want it to be worth the money. That will make you more attentive and determined. You will turn off your phone, set aside a time for yourself with absolutely no distraction.

For that reason, once you get into the float tank, your body and mind will be ready to fully concentrate on the act of meditation, creating a good mindset for achieving your goal.

Understanding that floatation tanks can make a difference, But Amitabh Swetta, Founder of 1000 Petals Says that one needs to use them regularly to “Peel off the masks we wear on ourselves and understand the true nature of your Reality”. 

To get into this transformational tool that science gifts us, 

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