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    To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

As a center dedicated to healing and renewal, 1000 Petals provides a lush and inspiring environment for the nourishment of body, mind and soul. The programming team at 1000 Petals has created a mosaic of diverse programs of the highest quality, taught with the deep knowledge and large hearts of the studio’s established & visiting faculty. Daily classes and workshops range from traditional yoga styles of Classical Hatha, Vinyasa , Pranayama, Restorative, Iyengar, Yin & Anusara. Other modalities include OSHO Kundalini, OSHO Nadabrambha, OSHO Devavani, OSHO Neo Vipassana, OSHO Gaurishankar, Tibetian Healing arts Meditations, Sound Medicine and Ecstatic Dance.

Our Studio will also home short weekend workshops taught by our dynamic masters to enhance the skills you have learned through our esoteric practices. Mind expanding movies and documentaries will also be premiered to question yourself further.

If you're a healer / master / teacher and would like to host a masterclass / workshop at 1000 PETALS please do write in to us. We will be happy to connect with you.