We live in a fast food fast results generation. We are always looking for results that are quick and everlasting. With our understanding of the self, we have realized that only consistency and regularity in whatever we do, can get us results. Thus we recommend regular sessions of float and lights and other meditative practices. This regularity in turn can work wonders for you and reap huge benefits to you. Therefore with keeping this process in mind, we at 1000 Petals have various structured courses for you to make your experience of self-realization to become deeper and long lasting.


(4 floats / 4 lights/ 1 session Holotropic breath work / 1 one on one Chakra analysis/ 1 chakra balancing meditation) duration 8 weeks 17,500/- INR

Suited best for stressed out individuals who seek to achieve a more relaxed state of being. The float and light sessions taken on a regular basis show a significant increase in neural activity to cope up with stress and anxiety. The Holotropic breath work releases anxiety and emotions that are stuck inside us for many years giving you a calmer and happier state of being. The chakra analysis on the bio well camera pinpoints the exact energy centers to be worked upon and then a personalized chakra balancing meditation is taught to you to follow up at home.



(4 floats / 4 lights/ 1 session Affirmation work / 1 one on one session / practice of affirmations in the float tank with binaural beats/ center of the cyclone meditation) duration 8 weeks 17,500/- INR

Suited best for individuals with high stress levels and visionary entrepreneurs this custom made process to help you grow from within and makes you achieve your goals. While the float and the light do their work on you to make your decisions razor sharp,
While the float and the light do their work on you to make your decisions razor sharp, it makes your thinking process better by opening neural pathways which are currently not being utilized. The affirmations and visualization practices work on the inner engineering of the human being, to make them achieve their goals faster. The center of the cyclone meditation centers you from the external stresses to make you achieve more in chaotic situations, making you invincible and achieve results quicker.



(4 floats / 4 lights/ Visualization techniques/ No dimensions meditation / pre performance mind activation) duration 8 weeks 17,500/- INR

Today’s performers have lots of issues regarding performance anxiety and the stress levels they cope with. It is impossible for the human mind to be always in a Flight or Fight response. This process is structured especially for the performers, (sports or otherwise) to cope with high levels of performance pressure.
Visualization techniques help the performer to achieve goals that are impossible to achieve without the positive conditioning of the mind. While the float and light make you more relaxed and sharp in your skills, the no dimensions technique makes your mind muscle neurochemistry stronger to make you succeed in most adverse conditions.