The best Jet Lag solution you have been looking for …

The best Jet Lag solution you have been looking for …

How do jet setting entrepreneurs, actors and models hop from one time zone to the next without four coffees and two cans of Red Bull to kick start their morning? There are many possible remedies, although floatation therapy has recently risen as the top secret weapon against jet lag.

An innumerable number of health benefits, floatation pods/ tanks or rooms are popping up all over the world to cater to those in the know.

So, what is this floatation therapy?

‘Floatation therapy is the technique where you lie down on your back in warm Epsom salt water inside a sensory deprivation pod. You float in zero gravity due to the high concentration of 750 kg epsom salt and gently drifting off into a deep state of meditation for at least one hour; say scientists. They further say that ‘sessions help reduce stress and boost overall health and fitness. In terms of sleep, floatation significantly diminishes stress and anxiety; Which in turn leads to a deeper state that is much better at sleeping.’ Many scientific researches show us that even one hour of REST in the tank is equivalent to up to four to six hours of deep sleep.

When we float our brain receives no sensory inputs. This reduces activation levels in an area of the brain called salience network; which is in turn responsible for processing inputs and diverting our attention to our sensory cortices. Floating eliminates cortisol, reduces brain activity and pressure on the joints and muscular skeletal system. This aligns with the stress and strain of long haul travel and the lack of sleep.

Supermodel fans of floating include Elle Macpherson and Jessica Hart, and actress Naomie Harris who swear by the practice when it comes to punishing overseas promotional schedules. ‘I’ve discovered that the only way to combat the effects of travelling is to immerse myself in a dark pod, filled with salt water and float for an hour,’ Harris told Balance Magazine. ‘I go straight there from the airport, but my dream is to have my own tank at home.’

‘We have a long list of musicians, actors, actresses and athletes who come to 1000 Petals on a regular basis they comment that; ‘It puts them in a great headspace and promotes both focus and creativity at work, and of course, that it helps them fight the effects of international travel and late nights in the city.’

What else does floatation therapy do?

Floatation pods contain a super-saturated Epsom salt solution, which offers a number of healing properties. The solution works as an exfoliate which is great for your skin, hair and nails. The salt soothe joint pain, ease out stress response and relaxes the body. Magnesium, which is mostly missing from our diets, is soaked through the skin while sulphates eliminate toxins and helps our bodies to detox completely. In short, you’ll get out of the tank feeling silky smooth, relaxed and rejuvenated.

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