What is a floatation Therapy?

What is a floatation Therapy?

People have been trending all over about what exactly is Floatation therapy.
Floatation therapy is called many things actually. Float therapy, sensory deprivation therapy, R.e.s.t. (restrictive environmental stimulus technique) and so on..

What is floatation Therapy?


Floatation therapy is where you lie down in approximately 2000 Liters of water. This water is added and premixed with 700 Kg’s of epsom salt or magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) where you float effortlessly in zero gravity. This zero gravity environment happens due to salinity of the water being high.

You must be thinking ohh… i can do this in a swimming pool right? Well… actually there is a lot of difference. The difference is that to stay afloat in a swimming pool you actually require effort. You actually tense your muscles during floating in a swimming pool.  Your body positioning and also the breath control is very important to stay afloat in a swimming pool.

Thats not the case here in a floatation tank. You actually can let go all the effort required in the float tank and you will still float effortlesssly. Yes… even if you don’t know swimming at all!

The history behind Floatation tanks

The first ever floatation tanks were introduced to this world in early 1950’s by a genius neuroscientist called John C. Lilly.  He was searching for effects on sensory reduced environment on human consciousness. Here was the birth of the floatation tanks. The first commercial floatation tank was introduced to this world in the 1960’s. From that point on there have been at least 3000 scientific researches to evaluate the effects of float therapy. here is a list you can find on Google scholar. The list seems never ending … really!

What about sensory deprivation?

We perceive this world through all over senses. These senses are primarily eyesight, sense of smell, taste, sound and sense of touch.
At all points of time we are continuously being bombarded by sensory inputs. Our brain actually never gets a true R.E.S.T. from all this bombardment.
Imagine you being a smartphone. What if we turn 50 applications on at the same time on our phones? What will Happen? firstly the applications slow down, then they malfunction one by one, then the phone starts hanging and eventually a crash happens! What do we do to reset the phone back to its normal condition? Switch it off and switch it on again right?  Exactly thats what a floatation/ Sensory reduction technique does to our Bio computer which is called the ‘brain’.
It allows us to get away from all the unwanted sensory input and gives in its sense , a True Rest. all the controls of the Floatation tank are in your own hands so you are able to turn off the light and close the lid at your ease. The newer float rooms and pods  at 1000 Petals are helpful to get you over the so said mind viruses like claustrophobia, Nyctophobia ( fear of darkness), monophobia (fear of being alone).
The father of Ashtanga yoga ‘Patanjali’ included this sensory reduction in his Ashtanga practice itself. Now called the lost anga (limb) of yoga, Pratyahara is the fifth one! It literally means moving inwards from the senses.

Who should use a float tank?

Anyone and everyone can use the floatation tank. People generally use it for relaxation benefits (trust me its way better than a massage). But there are a lot of individuals who use it for self awareness and mindfulness practices. It helps you recover from Injuries, helps regulate you sleep patterns, improves conditions like PTSD, ADD, ADHD. It helps you move away from psychosomatic disorders like stress and anxiety, curing you from potential disastrous ailments like blood pressure and hypertension.

Here are a few potential benefits of magnesium alone!

Giving it a test run.

A typical session in sensory deprivation tank lasts about 60 -90 Minutes. To unleash full benefits of the floatation therapy, you need to get into the floatation tanks at least every fortnight. The first few tank sessions are about learning and getting used the environment. Beyond 3 sessions you are going to unleash its full benefits to yourself. thats assured.
so when are you booking your next float with us ?

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