The secrets of all secrets: The Pineal gland

The secrets of all secrets: The Pineal gland

Thanks to the upcoming elections, thanks to the IPL and special thanks to MTV and even more so to Facebook, Instagram and whatever the hell else you guys are on. We seem to have overlooked a minor grain-sized, pine shaped gland at the center of the two hemispheres in your brain. It’s called the pineal gland.

However minor in size it might be, it is the reason behind your reality. It controls the serotonin, melatonin and DMT production in your body. DMT is also called the spirit molecule but to dive into those waters is not what this blog is about. That’s for another time. Pineal gland, is composed of iodopsin, and rhodopsin. The same composition of an eye, only difference, this one’s for the inner world. Often referred to as the third eye, it’s been a symbol in many religions. The third eye is also the Sahasrara chakra. 7th of the 7 chakras. As one spirals from the Moolaadahara to the Shasrara chakra, the third eye opens a passage a of understanding of the inner world.

Obviously, all this sounds too farfetched. Around 150 years ago if someone told you that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly to your homes, you’d call him crazy. Well someone did- Nikola Tesla. We all know how that story ended. Getting back to the matter at hand, the pineal gland is sort of where science and philosophy start intertwining. Far too many theories are constructed around it. Though these theories add a new perspective to look at existence, they only confuse you more. Well, the only way to understand something so esoteric such as the powers of pineal gland is to experience it yourself. And the only way to do it is through meditation.

Plus, chances are most of us won’t reach there just because center of most of our brains are calcified due to all that the fluoride that’s accumulated. Accumulated slowly through the continuous use of substances. When I say substances I merely mean toothpastes, Teflon cooking pans, your Tea drinks, your sodas, your sports drinks, dried fruits, cocoa powder, to some extent even infant foods. And it’s said that 41% of the population between 12-15 already have high amount of fluoride. So where does that leave us? In a web that’s pretty hard to escape. So, what can you do? Decalcify yourself. How do you do that? Lucia No.03.

What’s Lucia No.03?

I would say it’s a tool. A tool that gives you a glimpse of what awakening truly means. All you do is close your eyes and with the help of this simple looking flickering light; You enter a different realm. A realm of peace and complete wakefulness. A tool to remind you how powerful meditation can be, a tool to lead you on a journey towards yourself.

To reach a level higher perception you’ll have to meditate your way to through the 6 chakras to the Sahasrara chakra; And the best part about living in these times is the fact that no matter how bad your web of trouble is, there are ways out. Float sessions combined with Lucia No.3 and certain meditation practices, one could say, is a way out. Practice of meditation though is of highest important. It’s almost like what we used to do as children when we came back home after school, practice the new methods you learnt in your class. Although the Indian education system is tragedy in itself, I hope you overlook that detail and see my point. It teaches you channelize the energy that bursts out as you move through these chakras.


And, I think it’s time to cut this sweet talk short, you know, it’s easy for me tell you all about it. But nothing beats experience. Head to 1000 petals, for an experience that you can only express through your perceptions.


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