Meditations and pyramids: Insight into ancient technology

Meditations and pyramids: Insight into ancient technology

Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent



The word pyramid although is a description of a geometrical structure. It definitely results in an image of the Egyptian structure running across our mind. Though the structure itself signifies the importance of the geometrical shape and one could write volumes about the structure. This article is more importantly about the power of the geometrical shape itself.

I know that I don’t have to explain the shape of the pyramid. I’m sure that most of you are equipped with mathematical skills good enough to handle the matter at hand. But it’s only fair that I have all the boxes checked. Usually, the pyramids associated with holy significance have 4 triangular faces. Whose sides are precisely inclined to 51degrees 51’ 51”, with a shared base of 4 equal sides. The angle of inclination may vary according the sacred geometry involved; But it’s safe to say that the inclining angle is very vital. It decides the flow of the cosmic energy into the body. For people who’ve accustomed themselves to use meditation hats shaped like pyramids already know the significant change in the energy that flows through them. For people who haven’t tried it, well what are you waiting for?

What are Pyramids used for?

The word pyramid is the sum of the two words pyro- meaning fire or energy and amid, means to be at the centre or within. The structure is composed triangles, which are the simplest and the most stable solids. They are very good conductors of energy. When something is placed inside the pyramid not only does it immobilize its aging process, it also sort of creates a vacuum. A vacuum of thought free existence. And that has always been the aim of meditation. To be able to isolate yourself from all the unnecessary baggage of your thoughts. The result of attempting any work under such a structure; You will notice efforts and results are a product of a more concentrated effort.  The holy trinity, the mind, the body and the spirit, the third eye, the Fibonacci pattern and the tree sided triangle. It’s no co-incidence.

Although the pyramids are a source and an opportunity for one to meditate into deeper caves, it is also of the utmost importance that these practices are done under careful guidance. You may go to Pyramid valley international, Bangalore and meditate at their pyramid.  For more; you may connect  1000 petals through the below link to the site; Or contact them on the their phone number-+919686844770

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