Why to use Float tanks Regularly

Why to use Float tanks Regularly

Just like you should not judge a book by its cover; We’d like to think that floating is one of those things.

However, for a lot of people; Floating is something they  try once or twice before they automatically throw into the “it isn’t for me” category. And they really don’t give it a fair trial. Or they float once in six months and  it becomes hard to really feel the mental, physical, or spiritual benefits.

But if you’re willing to get past the initial float sessions; And can make the commitment to go weekly or bi monthly; I promise that you will see immense benefits coming in from your float sessions! To keep you motivated as you start down this journey, here’s a list of some benefits that you’ll start to experience at 1000 Petals:


I have always said this; The first couple of times you float, it’s always gonna be about what not to do in a float session.
its always said at 1000 Petals  that if you’re going to give floating a fair shot you have to try it at least three times. This is because for most people mostly take 2 sessions to get past the initial frustration of bumping into walls; Fully relaxing the body, and truly letting go. But by your 4th or 5th float, it’s usually much easier to hop in and let go completely. And this is exactly when the magic really starts to happen!
Try floating next time instead of getting a massage for the next three months.


We all float for different reasons to float.  It’s difficult  to say exactly when someone should float and how often. However, the more you float,  you’ll discover what type of routine works best for you.

Night floating vs morning floating.

60 minute sessions vs 90 minute sessions.

Weekly vs Bi- Monthly or monthly.




We all Know the  Scientific benefits of Meditations.

Many people find meditation frustrating because they get too involved in if they’re doing it right; Or they just have a hard time quieting their mind for a long period of time. Or there are too many distractions in their meditations. But the nice thing about float tanks is that they create the perfect meditation environment. And they are designed to help induce deep meditative states. once the brain knows where to go, it can go to this quite space more often.  Therefore, floating not only complements your meditation practice but it may improve it too.


I get a lot of excuses from people that they don’t have enough time to float regularly.
Remember this, if we want to change something and want to operate from our Limitless Human potential , we need to spend time with ourselves more… May it be exercise, meditation or acquiring skill sets,  We need to spend that time. No one but us can do this…
Well Once you’ve experienced the float tank a good handful of times and are comfortable with letting go right away, the actual time inside the tank becomes of less importance and each float session becomes more about going with what feels right.


Mindbody is one word buddha uses. Awareness of your mindbody is exactly what Vipassana is …  but truthfully you cannot go to vipassana every month right? but you surely can get in to the float tank Floatation is much more of a self awareness practice. Here you can assess where you are currently. By Developing a regular floating routine you can access which aspect of your life should you be giving more attention to (Mind/ Body/ Spirit). Using Floatation Tanks/ Sensory deprivation tanks  of the best self-help practices you could incorporate into your life as it helps you become more in tune with your mind-body connection. From the second you lie down in the water, you can feel the areas where you hold the most tension or can recognize the thoughts that seem to be reoccurring the most so you can begin to work through them.


When you practice operating from a calmer, less stressed state of mind, everything in your life also becomes calmer and less stressful. Your mood is better, relationships begin to improve, and things that once got you worked up and upset now have no effect on you. remember … Empty mind is god’s workshop.

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