Why should we practice meditation?

Why should we practice meditation?

Meditation is becoming more and more popular these days. Everyone is talking about meditations and are going to various ashrams to learn meditation. Perhaps you have tried meditation too and maybe have lost interest in it. You might have not realised the amazing effects it can have on you.

This is understandable considering the fact that we live in a place with emphasis on producing more, and working more. Understanding that we live in a world of instant gratification and fast results; We often hear from people say, “I’d love to try meditation but I just can’t find the time.”. “I don’t know how to”.  or  “Meditation is woo woo talk for the hippies.”

Well, you are not the only one to feel this way. A lot of people are generally meditation very irregularly and then lose track and then say that meditation doesn’t work. But understanding, that meditation is a slow and cumulative process;  It has to be done on a regular basis for at least 8  weeks to get amazing results. Still, it’s interesting to hear why someone might begin a meditation practice.

S0 why do we need to meditate?

Some common reasons may include:

 Stress or anxiety management — Many people begin to meditate to manage stress or anxiety. Perhaps this is an even greater motivator for people since stress is such a defining phenomenon of our professional lives.  If stress is the reason for your beginning your meditation practice, welcome to 1000 Petals, You’re in good company.

• Increasing focus and productivity — Our computers, laptops, phones, iPads, e-readers, and myriad other devices can make us more productive. But know,  they also are interruptions and we tend to lose focus very quickly due to social media feeds etc. They can leave us sozzled and even reduce our fundamental ability to pay focus and concentrate. Many individuals take up meditation as a remedy, to get better in a  modern working world without sacrificing their effectiveness.

• Letting go of unwanted habits — Meditation is an effective way to overcome bad habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs etc. Research shows that by meditating regularly you can activate your brain to produce neurochemicals. These master Neurochemicals curb the want of addictive substances.

• Dealing with difficult events — Tragedy strikes all of us at some point of time in our lives. It’s timing is not something we choose. Dealing with a life devastating event  is often the main reason to begin a meditation practice. Meditation can be calming, soothing and relaxing because it can help us connect with ourselves. It can teach us to deal with the situation by giving us wisdom from deep within.

• Seeking meaning and self-knowledge — We all want to know our purpose in life and the grand fabric of life itself. This inquiry may come up as we need to understand to define our values of life. We feel we want to see our so called reality more clearly. We should see without the fog of mental neurosis and self-deception that  separates us from the world that it really is.

This list is certainly not meant to be long. Beginning a meditation practice is very easy.  Whatever your personal reasons for meditating might be , they are all welcome. All are very valid reasons for meditating and there enough scientific data available for the same.

We urge you to start meditating every day for at least 10 minutes a day. Just sit back, close your eyes. Take ten deep breaths filling your lungs fully, and then return back to your normal breathing. just pay your attention to your breathing. If your thoughts start wandering, bring them back to the awareness of breath itself. It really is that simple.

Try out this amazing guided meditation as well.

Finally, remember, that all of these benefits — as impressive and welcome as they are come after a 8 week practice of meditation. You cant expect miracles if you are not following the process diligently. Meditation practice originally began as a means of transformation. Finally, this is the most important thing meditation does. The changes meditation brings are far more extensive and up to now have been the main focus of scientific study.

Over time, meditation can fully the way we understand our own minds. Meditation also shows us how we see ourselves, and how we experience our connection to others and the world.


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